Dr Lionel Theodore Dean


FutureFactories is the studio of Product Artist Lionel Theodore Dean. The
practice focuses exclusively on Direct Digital manufacturing; 3D Printing,
Additive Manufacturing or Rapid Prototyping technologies applied to the
creation of end-use products.
The project began as a blue-skies university research project in 2002. It
quickly expanded into a PhD thesis and from there into commercial practice.
FutureFactories aims to create added value through the creative freedoms and
manufacturing flexibility of digital technologies.
A key are of research is computational design; the combination of Computer
Aided Design and programming. This approach is used to create meta-designs
capable of evolution and metamorphosis over time.


We had the pleasure of meeting Lionel in Germany in 2010 and so far it has proven to be an adventure of note! We quickly realized that our artistic and technical abilities would benefit each other so we decided to collaborate. Our most recent project, Divine Intervention was the result of 6 months of work, Lionel in the UK and us in SA, working over Skype and other social media we designed and sculpted a pair of Angel shoes that would be 3D printed and plated. We exhibited the shoes at the 3D Print Show in New York as part of their fashion section in February of 2014 and plan to do a whole range of digitally designed and sculpted shoes building up a collection for the catwalk!




All media, artefacts, depictions  and descriptions above are copyrighted (c) by Dr Lionel Theodore Dean. Information adapted from http://www.futurefactories.com/ and http://bunnycorp.co.za/future-factories/

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