4 thoughts on “Pre-experimental Pilot Study

  1. Very slick design, and it looks like it worked just fine. I’ve seen this done on a kickstarter that used a resistor to heat the block, but yours looks much more simple (in a good way!). What was your procedure for using this jig with the acetone?


    • Thank you. The idea was to keep away from any electronic components with the design. I presume with JIG you mean the little filament glue apparatus? I tried to keep it old school and portable. I basically make my own ABS-ACETONE cement by recycling my raft and support material. I then apply a very thin layer of the cement (glue) in side the glue “jig”, put two pieces of filament together on top of the glue and then screw it shut. I usually wait about 24 hours before opening and then its ready to extrude. We definitely need to discuss your results and speculations on the acetone infiltration. I am speculating myself that on molecular level the structure of lets say the styrene molecules changes. I do however think some of the acetone stays trapped, even though the weight goes back to the original value.


    • Good day. I am most definitely interested. Thank you very much for sharing. I am busy with my masters degree and its so good to see other people producing results that corroborate my own. I will be posting in the next week some of my findings. I will also post more blogs with some images of the vapor chamber i am constructing. I see you are using four point tensile testing. I am using a three point tensometer. I will also publish my results and share with you. Thank you very kindly for sharing.


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